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Acceptable Usage Policy

Acceptable Usage Policy - DediRDP.com

You as a customer are expressly agreeing to the below usage policy and confer exclusive rights to DediRDP.com to suspend your account(s) if you are found violating any of the policies mentioned herein without any prior notice.

Any content stored, uploaded, emailed or transmitted by clients on our servers must not contain any files which infringes on somebody else’s copyrights.>

Customers who store and / or upload child pornography will have their servers suspended immediately without any warnings / notices. We will also hand over all your personal details to federal authorities for legal recourse. Any activity which creates hatred against minors or which hurts the sentiments of minors is banned.

Customers are prohibited from running websites on our servers which spread hatred, anti-national sentiments, anti-religious sentiments etc.

Customers are prohibited from indulging in illegal activities such as cookie stuffing, hacking, carding, cracking etc.

Any customer found to attack other server(s) via DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) or any other method will have their account(s) suspended permanently without any refunds. Also, they will be liable to pay the damage charges, if claimed by the end-user whose server(s) are attacked.

Customers may not run any kind of bots on the servers without the express permission of DediRDP.com.

Running or administering IRC bots or its clients is banned.

RDP customers who download content from torrents cannot run more than 3 torrents at the same time. Account(s) will be temporarily suspended if found in violation of this policy. Repeated violations will lead to permanent ban.

RDP customers downloading illegal content off public torrent trackers will have their accounts suspended temporarily. Repeated violations will lead to permanent ban.

Dedicated Server customers may not use our servers for streaming or CDN services.

Any proxy sites which hide the original network traffic are not allowed.

Customer agrees not to post incorrect information in new groups and boards in violation of their terms. We reserve the right to terminate your services if any news group or service providers contact us about the violation.

You as a customer are solely responsible for the licensing of the scripts used on the server you rent out with us. We strongly suggest you to use only licensed scripts. Any illegal / cracked / nulled scripts reported to us by rights holders will be taken down promptly.

Customers may not send / store malicious scripts / cookies etc.

Customers may not impersonate any person or entity.

Customers may not upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising using promotional materials like "Junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," or "pyramid schemes". We may require the customers to prove that the email receivers have opted in to the list.

Any activity deemed illegal / malicious / harmful by DediRDP.com is not allowed. Kindly check with support if you are unsure.