The curious case of Harshadewa – How one ex-customer is trying to malign the reputation of

So here we go! Lot of you would have come to this post after searching for some good or bad reviews about I am sure you would have stumbled upon lot of posts where the same user has posted lot of negative stuff about

Fret not, this post will explain everything in detail and in the end you will know why is not a scam provider. In fact, the quality of our services are comparable to the best providers out there in the market. Read the complete post to know in detail.

Firstly, have a look at the allegation posted by Harshadewa (our ex-customer) just so you know why this post was written – Click here to read it.

Done reading? Welcome back! Now for some clarification time; I will go point by point so it is easier for you to follow.

Also, want to make it very clear that me or the admins of WJunction do not have any involvement in banning this guy. He was banned for trolling another who went ahead and reported it. Proof –

1) Copy paste speed issues pointed out by Harshadewa.

These are completely baseless since he is just trying to malign our reputation by using more and more intensive tasks. The same was proved in our ticket response via this screenshot –

2) RAR/UnRAR slow speeds

I agree WinRAR acts up sometimes but using WinRAR to RAR/UnRAR a 40 GB file on a 16 GB RAM server with multiple users is not helping your case Harshadewa! If this server was meant to handle such tasks I would have charged you a minimum of 10-15 USD instead of the 5 USD what I charge for Mini RDP as of this date.

Anyway, for your reference the RAR/UnRAR speed is not bad after all, we posted this screen in our ticket response but you just ignored it! Why? Because your pain is not performance, it is the IP ban and your inability to get the host unban IP or use proxy as a work-around! Proof posted in ticket –

3) Server Upload / Download Speed:

These are the proofs we posted against Harshadewa’s claim in our ticket, but no response or acknowledgement. The only issue you see him discussing often in the whole thread is about FileFactory IP Ban. Rest are all false allegations.

Proofs inside ticket – and

After seeing the proofs, do you agree to these speed issue allegations?

4) Finally, the so-called main issue for this poor chap – FileFactory banning our IPs

Suppose you buy a new mobile phone and due to electricity issues you are unable to charge your phone. Whom do you blame? The mobile phone seller or electricity service provider? A normal person would obviously blame the electricity service provider. But our ex-customer Harshadewa is out of his senses to blame the mobile phone seller by telling them I paid you XXX USD for a working mobile phone, I do not care if I there is no electricity to charge the phone. I just need it working, it is your responsibility. How in the world is it a sane request to blame the RDP provider for IP ban? I never advertised a ban-free IP by the file host, did I? I even gave you some work-arounds for it to work, you felt it was too technical. Do I give you coaching classes on using a proxy, sorry I can’t!

That is why my ToS page clearly says no refunds except under non-delivery of RDP account on time (within 8 hours). I too have overhead costs, I simply cannot keep refunding who just want to use the servers without paying money. Also, just because my ToS says I do not refund, does not mean I am here to eat away customer money for a free ride! I have refunded quite a lot of users in the past whenever the request was valid. But in this case, it was just not happening!

I urge all RDP providers to be careful about this user who is trying to malign RDP provider’s reputation. is not a scam provider. We have quality servers and dedicated staff who look after the needs of customers. We do have issues at times but that are purely technical in nature and require some time before they are resolved. Just check this thread where so many users have posted their positive reviews about

After all, you cannot be a bad provider and scam users from three years in the same business. We are here to serve you, not to scam!

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