How to Increase RDP Performance?

We often see tickets wherein our customers complain that the RDP is very slow or someone is using high CPU or RAR/UnRAR speeds are less etc. Most of the times, the solutions for these tickets is to find the user who is using RDP recklessly without knowing how to use it or with the intention to complete his / her work as fast as possible.

We end up warning these type of customers and also teaching them how not to abuse our servers and help everyone while adhering to accepted usage protocols.

Today, we’ll share some tips on increasing your RDP’s performance. All these can be done by yourself and does not require technical support intervention.

Below are some of the steps you can take to ensure you play your part in ensuring a good server performance:

  • Run CCleaner program daily – this will clear off all unwanted files from your account on the server. It will also reduce the space you use up on C: Drive.
  • Default download folder – Lot of programs like Internet Download Manager, Firefox, Google Chrome, uTorrent, Deluge etc are pre-configured to save the files you download in your Downloads folder. This uses up space in C: Drive and reduces server performance. You must go to to your respective application settings and change the default download folder to some folder in your drive letter assigned exclusively to you.
  • Always use Store method to RAR files and do not run multiple RAR/UnRAR processes. This ensures you do not hog the server resources.
  • Do not download / upload more than 3-5 files at the same time, you will end up using all of servers connection resulting in a very slow response for other users.
  • Do not run applications which are not approved by the technical support team – this helps you save from unwanted security issues and resource leaks. We’ve at times found major issues with unapproved applications causing serious issues on the server like destroying OS registry keys, spreading malwares / trojans, changing server settings etc.
  • Do not download stuff from untrusted locations / sites – they may contain malwares / viruses / trojans which can wreak havoc on the server
  • Ever faced the issue of not being able to access a particular host? Well, lot of hosts ban IPs due to abuse – high number of download / upload from the same IP, multiple failed login attempts etc.
  • Never, ever seed a public torrent.
  • Do not indulge in attacking other users / servers etc by any methods. Example can include DDoS Attack, DoS Attack, Brute-force attempt, coin mining etc.

There can be many other tips. At the end of the day, main motive behind this post is to help you all in increasing the server performance and thereby increasing the RDP usage experience for our customers.

Remember, it is a shared server you are using and everybody has to have an equal share of the server resources. How would you feel if someone is abusing the server you are in and due to which you cannot use the server at it’s normal speeds or worse – you loose your data? Think about it before you abuse the server.

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