How To: Transfer Files between computer and Windows RDP (Remote Desktop)

Today we will look at how you can transfer files / folders between your computer / PC / laptop / desktop / mobile and Windows Remote Desktop (RDP).

This is a very easy step by step tutorial and anyone can understand it. I hope the article helps you out very well.

Connection between your local computer and Remote Desktop (RDP) Server is very important for some of us between it makes transferring files between the two place an easy task. You don’t have to upload the files to some host and then download it on your local computer using the download link.

Let us make a checklist of what you will require before we move on with the tutorial:

  • An active remote desktop connection.
  • FileZilla Server installed on the RDP.
  • Any FTP software installed on your local computer. We recommend FileZilla FTP
  • Stable internet connection.

Assuming that all the above requirements are met, we are moving ahead with the tutorial on How to transfer files between your computer and Remote Desktop (RDP).

Just an information – Your personal system can be a laptop, Macintosh, Windows PC, Android Mobile, iPhone, Tablet or anything where you can install a FTP software and have an internet connection on.

We are covering Windows OS machines on this tutorial since they are widely used.

Step 1: Open up the FileZilla Server application on your Remote Desktop account (RDP) and navigate to Edit > Users.

Step 2: On the right hand side you will see an Add button, click on it. You will see a pop-up box wherein you need to enter the desired username to be used to connect from your machine and click OK, do not select anything from the Group drop down. This can be any username, not necessary that it has to be your RDP username.

Step 3: Once adding is done, tick the enable account and password check boxes in the middle of the screen. Enter your desired password here, not necessarily the RDP password.

Step 4: On the extreme left, click on Shared Folders and add the personal drive allocated to you. You can also set permissions per your wish. Once done, click OK.

Step 5: Open the FTP application on your local machine and enter the details to connect to your RDP.

Host / Hostname: Use the IP address provided for your RDP.
User / Username: Use the username you created yourself in FileZilla Server.
Pass / Password: Use the password you entered for this username in FileZilla Server.
Port #: Usually 21, if you see a login error please contact support for the correct port #.

Voila! You are now connected to your RDP via local machine.

Questions? Use the comments box below or write a ticket to us.

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