Stop using Rapidleech!

We are launching a special range of Mini RDP plans which are powerful yet affordable. These RDPs will cost you less than what most of the Rapidleech providers charge you in the market today.

Why should you buy a Rapidleech plan when you can get so much more than what it can offer at same or less cost? You should not, that is stupidity!

Why buy Mini RDP?

You should buy our range or Mini RDP if you fall in one of the below categories:

  • You just Upload / Download and RAR / UnRAR files using Rapidleech.
  • You cannot afford RDPs which are costly.
  • You need a server to test your new coding projects.
  • You require a RDP to work / browse anonymously on the internet.
  • You need a storage space to back-up your files.
  • And many more…

What is Mini RDP and how much does it cost?

We have tied up with LeaseWeb to bring you low cost RDPs which have excellent performance. Below is what you will receive in a Mini RDP plan:

Intel Xeon X3440
1 Gbps Fully Dedicated Connection
Unlimited Bandwidth
Windows 2008 R2
Private Drive Space
Lifetime Registered IDM and Zoom Uploader
Lots of popular pre-installed apps
Excellent round-the-clock support

All these benefits and more for a price of 5 US Dollars per month only! Unbelievable right? We are here to break the rules and we have done it again!

Affordable and quality products – this has been our aim from the beginning.

What are you waiting for!? Order Mini RDP right away and book your slot today!

Order Now by clicking here!

Kind Regards,
DediRDP Sales Team

7 thoughts on “Stop using Rapidleech!

  1. People will decide whether they will use Rapidleech or not ,
    BTW, windows Lags when there are too many People on it using any app of their wish.

    Rapidleech and RDP both have Pros and Cons ,

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